Parent Assist Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Parent Assist Login:



There are the steps you are going to need in order to access the Parent Assist Login:

1. Click the following link for the Parent Assist Login page in order to load it into your browser:

2. In the username field enter your username into that field as it is required.

3. In the next field, enter your password there in the field marked for the password.

4. The options below the password field are giving you three options for which language you would prefer to view your account in. The options are English, French, and Spanish. Select the preferred language option by clicking the circle field to the left of it.

5. Click the login button to proceed into your Parent Assist account.





What if there were problems trying to access the Parent Assist Login page? Read this section for the more help in this area.

If you have forgotten your username for your Parent Assist Login, read the following note.

NOTE: At this time, there are currently no methods for recovering the username for the Parent Assist Login online. We advise that you use the contact section in this article to reach someone for further assistance. After you have recovered the username needed for the Parent Assist Login process, watch our login video and refer to the login steps above.

If you have forgotten your password to your Parent Assist Login, follow these instructions:

1. On the right of the password field there is a highlighted text asking if you have forgotten your password. Click that text to proceed.

2. Enter the username to the account you need to access in the field provided.

3. Click request password in order to receive tailored instruction on where to retrieve or reset your password.

4. Once the password has been recovered, proceed back to the video or step one of the login processes in this article.




If you are looking for contact information regarding the Parent Assist Login process, read the following notation.

NOTE: We will be providing contact information here as soon as the details become available to the public. Make sure to check back if you are in need for this information.


In light of all of the information provided here things should be looking a lot better for your regarding to accessing the Parent Assist Login page. As mentioned earlier, we advise you to bookmark this page so that you will be made aware of new changes here as they happen.